Monday, March 29, 2010

Opinion: HELP "Democrats" versus Democracy?

Tom Harkin (photo at right) and his HELP Committee "Democrat" cohorts today demonstrated the disregard for American politics and tradition that have come to dominate a once great party. Throughout proceedings, the "Democrats" ran a circus that wasn't worth the cost of lighting the Capitol building.

First the "Democrats" attempted to subvert Senate rules by pulling a last minute maneuver to replace a representative of the states with a federal bureaucrat. Senator Enzi's bold leadership was the only thing that kept the "Democrat" caucus from completely subverting order.

This injustice was soon overshadowed by atrocity "Democrats" tried to present as a bill. By indexing education spending to inflation and GDP growth, without providing measures for either, these "Democrats" took control of education funding from you and gave it to their Washington lackeys.

Worse yet, appropriations were the only semi-coherent part of this legislation. There were no definitions given for the legalese terms used. The bill didn't conform to basic rules of the English language, never mind the language of Congress. As Republican whip Richard Burr noted, "without clear language we can't even tell what this bill is going to do to. We're confused, local education authorities are confused, parents and teachers are confused, and our children lose out."

I agree, and urge every American who cares about our children to contact their Senator. Maybe a couple "Democrats" will listen to the people and return to principles of free government. Luckily, we have Enzi and his Republicans to preserve our liberty in the meantime.

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