Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OP-ED: Big Funding Act=Big Government

Today, the Senate HELP Committee continued its debate of the Big Funding Bill meant to replace No Child Left Behind. Regardless of the flowery language that makes the bill sound like it will help our children, the truth is, all this bill will do is give the government more power at the expense of America's kids. The bill relies heavily on standardized tests. It allows the federal government to grow and gain vague powers to intrude into our schools and classrooms. As the Republicans in the committee pointed out yesterday, the language of the bill creates a dangerous potential of larger federal government.

It also gives much of the funding to the Secretary of Education to spend at his discretion. Does this remind anybody else of TARP? The last time we allowed a Cabinet Secretary to have billions of tax dollars to spend look what happened. We do not want the same thing that happened to the economy to happen to our schools!

The bill does not provide for school choice, vouchers, or any competition. America is built upon a strong foundation of capitalism. Our schools should be allowed to compete, and families and children should be allowed to choose.

This bill is against the constitution. It is for Socialism. It is for large government and high taxes. The American people should stand up for American ideals and oppose this giant funding bill. Or else: i will cry

Glenn Beck

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