Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tea Party Takes Over Washington

Tonight, the best in American Democracy made their way to the US Capital to have their grievances heard. God was on their side as they tried to smite those liberal socialists and their big government takeover. They had seen and heard enough of these elitist Ivy Leaguers and their Cap and Trade, Big Funding Act, and fear for the environment. The tea partiers told the Democrats to stop fearing for the trees and to start fearing for America's children. They were tired of the Democrats disrespect for Senate procedures and of their disrespect for the great American heroes on the Senate, the conservative Republicans. God was on the side of the Tea Party tonight. Let's hope that the Senate heard their call and begins to enact legislation that reflects the true values and beliefs of real Americans. The fate of the country depends on it. Real Americans do not want a socialist tyranny to takeover our environment and our education. They want American, conservative values to prevail. Tonight, hope was renewed for the revival of America.

If the video does not appear below: Click on the title "Tea Party Takes Over Washington" to see the video. We are having technical difficulties with right now. Apologies.

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